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Trailersteading collage
Trailersteading is now live! The title can be found in ebook form on Amazon or in paperback wherever books are sold.

Did you enjoy Aimee Easterling's Wolf Rampant trilogy? If so, you'll want to dive right into The Complete Bloodling Serial, which traces the youth of a werewolf who was born in lupine form and never quite got the hang of his humanity. The serial is free with Kindle Unlimited, and you can read the beginning in the preview to the right.

What's up next? Aimee's now hard at work on the first book in a spinoff trilogy. Fen is a half-werewolf trying to make it in the cold, hard world of outpack territory. Just holding her small pack together is hard enough, but then she stumbles across a secret society kidnapping and murdering halfies like herself. Be sure to sign up for Aimee's email list using the form on the sidebar if you'd like to be the first to hear about her newest novel's release.


On the non-fiction front, Anna Hess's The Ultimate Guide to Soil is chock-full of both tried-and-true and innovative, new techniques for building soil and making your garden thrive. Learn the best use for biochar, black soldier flies, remineralization amendments and much  more in this instant classic.

A paperback version will be available this summer. In the meantime, why not jump into the winter garden right now with the ebook, available as a four-volume series? Click here for more details.

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