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The waypoint directive is supplied by the osm plugin.

This directive adds a waypoint ot an OpenStreetMap map displayed by the osm directive. See the osm directive for examples and options.

Posted Sat Mar 3 16:28:24 2012

Weekend Homesteader coverMy editor just sent me an email to let me know that the design team has come up with a classy cover for Weekend Homesteader!  Since the cover is white, I've changed the background color on this post so you can see it better.

I promised myself that I wouldn't be an authorial diva as I embarked on the publishing process, so I'm holding my tongue about the fact that half the pictures aren't my own.  When I take a step back, I suspect the publishing house is right to add in pretty things like yellow boots (even if I wouldn't be caught dead in them) and tomatoes that are obviously storebought to my eye.  I'm also sad not to see photos of non-garden topics like preserving that are well represented in the book, but I figure there's only so much space and some things are easier to visualize than others.

Mark says he likes it, so I suspect the cover is good.  What do you think?

Posted Mon Mar 12 20:50:17 2012 Tags:
Posted Fri Mar 16 21:02:21 2012
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Posted Fri Mar 16 21:16:37 2012
Permaculture Chicken: Pasture Basics
Posted Thu Feb 14 15:34:44 2013 by Anna
Incubation Handbook
Posted Sun Apr 1 18:37:09 2012 by Anna
Incubation ebook is first up
Posted Fri Mar 16 21:22:37 2012 by Anna
Posted Fri Mar 16 21:22:37 2012

Permaculture Chicken: Incubation HandbookSince it's chick-starting season, I shouldn't be surprised that the first facet of the Permaculture Chicken that I wanted to write about was ways to incubate and hatch homegrown chicks successfully.

I've learned a lot over the last couple of years about how to get better hatch rates (and feel less stressed during the process) and I thought I'd share my tips to help others achieve the same skill set faster than I did.

Stay tuned to this space for an announcement when the Incubation Handbook is ready to go live.  I expect a launch date of late March or early April.  Right about the same time our second set of eggs hatches....

Posted Fri Mar 16 21:22:37 2012 Tags:

Permaculture Chicken: Incubation HandbookI've decided to give each book series its own RSS feed to make it easier for you to keep up-to-date with relevant news.  Head over to Weekend Homesteader's page to find out how the book advances through the publishing process (I have a cover!) and to the Chicken Ebooks page to learn about my new series --- the Permaculture Chicken.

I also have a very low traffic email list on which I make announcements of new book launches.  Drop me an email at if you'd like to subscribe.

Thank you to everyone for reading and leaving reviews on Amazon!  I'm stunned by how successful this year's self-publishing venture has been, and have really enjoyed sharing information with like-minded souls.

Posted Fri Mar 16 21:29:08 2012 Tags:

The trailoptions directive is supplied by the trail plugin. It sets options for the trail represented by this page.

[[!trailoptions  sort="meta(title)" circular="no"]]

Options available:

  • sort: sets a sorting order for the entire trail, overriding the order in which they were added

  • reverse: reverses the order of the trail

  • circular: if set to yes or 1, the trail is made into a loop by making the last page's "next" link point to the first page, and the first page's "previous" link point to the last page

Posted Sun Mar 18 17:01:45 2012

The traillink directive is supplied by the trail plugin. It generates a visible WikiLink, and also adds the linked page to the trail represented by the page containing the directive.

In its simplest form, the first parameter is like the content of a WikiLink:

[[!traillink  some_other_page]]

The displayed text can also be overridden, either with a | symbol or with a text parameter:

[[!traillink  Click_here_to_start_the_trail|some_other_page]]
[[!traillink  some_other_page text="Click here to start the trail"]]
Posted Sun Mar 18 17:01:45 2012

The trailitems directive is supplied by the trail plugin. It adds pages to the trail represented by the current page, without producing any output on that page.

[[!trailitems  pages="posts/*" sort="age"]]

[[!trailitems  pagenames="a b c"]]

Options are similar to inline:

  • pages: adds pages that match a PageSpec to the trail (cannot be used with pagenames)

  • pagenames: if used instead of pages, this is interpreted as a space-separated list of absolute page names (LinkingRules are not taken into account) to add to the trail

  • sort: add the pages matched by pages to the trail in this sorting order (cannot be used with pagenames)

  • reverse: reverse the order of sort (cannot be used with pagenames)

Posted Sun Mar 18 17:01:45 2012

The trailitem directive is supplied by the trail plugin. It is used like this:

[[!trailitem  some_other_page]]

to add some_other_page to the trail represented by this page, without generating a visible hyperlink.

Posted Sun Mar 18 17:01:45 2012

The osm directive is supplied by the osm plugin.

This directive inserts an OpenStreetMap map onto a page. It is typically combined with the waypoint directive to add points to the map.


[[!osm ]]
[[!waypoint  lat="45°30N" lon="73°40W" name="My city" tag="city"]]

The osm directive will display the actual map, while the waypoint directive adds waypoints to the map.

The above can also be shortened as:

[[!waypoint  lat="45°30N" lon="73°40W" name="My city" tag="city" embed]]

The tag is also taken from the tags elsewhere in the page, so the above is equivalent to:

[[!waypoint  lat="45°30N" lon="73°40W" name="My city" embed]]
[[!tag  city]]

The icon is also taken from the tag if attached to the tag page as icon.png (default, modifiable)..

map display

  • map - map to display, defaults to "map"
  • zoom - the level to zoom to on the OSM map
  • loc - lattitude and longitude of the map center
  • lat - lattitude
  • lon - longitude
  • editable - add edit controls in a separate layer
  • right - float the map right
  • left - float the map left (default)
  • width - width of the map
  • height - height of the map


Waypoints can be added to any page. By default the waypoint takes the name of the page, which allows you to easily tag pages and make them appear on the central map.

Waypoints, by default, show up as a image (the icon parameter) link to the main map (or the map parameter provided). That markup can be hidden with the hidden parameter.

  • name - the name of this point, defaults to the page name (!) must be unique, otherwise later incantation will overwrite previous ones.
  • map - the map to add the point to (defaults to "map")
  • desc - description to embed in the map
  • loc - lattitude and longitude
  • lat - lattitude
  • lon - longitude
  • tag - the type of points, maps to an icon in the osm_types array
  • hidden - do not display the link to the map (will not affect embed)
  • icon - URL to the icon to show in the link to the map and within the map
  • embed - embed the map display alongside the point, in which case the regular arguments to the map display can be used


If two pages with waypoints have a link between them, that link will magically show up on the map. Now how awesome is that?

Posted Sun Mar 18 23:33:11 2012
Posted Wed Mar 28 23:52:31 2012
Posted Wed Mar 28 23:52:31 2012
Posted Wed Mar 28 23:52:31 2012
Posted Wed Mar 28 23:52:31 2012
Posted Wed Mar 28 23:52:31 2012
Posted Wed Mar 28 23:52:31 2012
Posted Wed Mar 28 23:52:31 2012
Posted Wed Mar 28 23:52:31 2012

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