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Errol Hess's books

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Errol Hess, the son of a West Virginia factory worker, moved 300 miles south in the early 1970s to begin farming with his new wife. Together, they raised tobacco (to sell), vegetables (to eat), and a crop of healthy children.

Like many members of the back-to-the-land movement, the family fled the poverty of small-holding and returned to town a dozen years later. But their lives and the farm’s soil were both left a little richer for their time spent listening to the land.

Hunting PenniesHunting Pennies

Available on Amazon.

Errol was a war orphan, left to raise himself while his father fought in World War II and while his severely depressed mother struggled to hold together her young family.

Growing up in a backwoods town where life more closely resembled the 1920s than the 1940s, Errol hunted pennies to buy treats, surfed on borrowed skiffs behind the paddle wheels of passing river boats, and sought adult influences wherever he could find them.

Viewing this world through both a child's and an adult's eyes, Hunting Pennies offers vivid glimpses of innocence transitioning seamlessly into sophisticated efforts to find peace with the past.

With publication credits as diverse as National Public Radio's All Things Considered and Madison Review, Hess has distilled half a century of poetry into this memoir in verse, loading its pages with humor, melancholy, and a healthy dose of Huck Finn-style adventure.

Sapling Grove SecretsSapling Grove Secrets

Every small town has its secrets....

Available on Amazon.

Kids walk to school unattended, acquaintances wave on the street, and everyone knows his neighbor in Sapling Grove.

Or do they?

A widower finds a surprising partner. Tobacco goes missing from an old barn. And up behind Amos Clark's place, something nefarious is afoot.

With shades of O. Henry mixed with a dash of Wendell Berry, these four surprising short stories will keep you guessing until you turn the last page.

Low-Cost Sunroom
Low-Cost Sunroom: Heating Your Home With Free Solar Energy

Build a greenhouse add-on for less than $15 per square foot!

Available on Amazon.

A sunroom built onto the south side of an existing home is the most cost-effective way to capture the energy of the sun.  The add-on not only lowers your heating bills, it also provides space to start seeds in the spring and to extend your gardening season in the fall.

This book includes 32 photos and diagrams, including scale drawings to make your building project simple.  Download the primary plates free here.

"An easy low cost sun room !!" --- Barbara J. Wead

"It gave practical information and good detail about setting up a solar greenhouse that can supplement the heating/cooling of a residence." --- JeremyK

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