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Verdant MagicUSA Today bestselling author Aimee Easterling's new series is being described as "electric storytelling." "This was one of those rare stories that sweep you away into another world, and you leave it looking forward to your next visit," wrote another reader.

Want to learn more about dragon shifters, voracious vines, elemental witches, airships, and enchanted jewelry? Dive into an exciting new world with this series of interconnected standalones.

Posted Fri Mar 10 16:08:10 2017 Tags:
Dirt: Back to the land in poetry

Errol Hess's newest memoir in verse is now live! Dirt details a decade of building a family and a farm and is free to borrow with Kindle Unlimited. Here's a short selection to tantalize your taste buds:

Something of Value

I watch his eyes as we unload my truck
of junk I’m getting rid of, to see
each piece’s value to him. Copper
to melt and render out of an old
telephone, steel at five dollars a hundred
pounds, a fan he’ll fix up and use, a mattress
for his drunken brother-in-law, Jake.

In the same pale blue eyes I’ve seen my own
value rise and fall, fluctuate from
potential drinking buddy before
he got saved and quit, through farming partner,
fellow herb gatherer when times were hard.
In his scarce world, nothing is ever
wasted, and no one completely useless.
Posted Mon Oct 31 14:19:28 2016 Tags:

Homegrown HumusI just wanted to drop by briefly and let you know Homegrown Humus is now available in print at the following online retailers:

Meanwhil, if you nab it on Amazon, the print book is enrolled in the Matchbook program, meaning that you can buy a print copy for your Great Aunt Sally and get a free ebook copy for yourself to keep.

Or if you're really only interested in the ebook, I've marked the digital version down to 99 cents for a couple of days on the following retailers:

Amazon nook apple google kobo smashwords

Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

Posted Tue Oct 18 19:00:25 2016 Tags:
Dark Wolf Adrift

Dark Wolf Adrift is the tale of an uber-alpha shifter whose inner beast threatens to rip away his last shred of humanity. Here's what the early reviewers had to say:

"A well-written and fast-paced story" --- PenKay

"Brilliant characters whose layers are revealed, tantalisingly, in each story." --- MelR

The novella is a prequel to the Alpha Underground series but can be read as a standalone. Just skip the last couple of pages if you don't want to be teased about what's to come in Hunter's future.

Sound interesting? The book is reduced to 99 cents for a limited time and is FREE to borrow with Kindle Unlimited. Here's the link one more time.

Thanks so much for reading! And, if you enjoy it, I hope you'll consider telling a friend or leaving a review. Both help my books reach beyond the choir and mean I can spend less time marketing and more time writing. I appreciate all you do --- you are why I write.

Posted Tue Aug 30 17:25:09 2016 Tags:

Soil Amendments for the Organic GardenI'm excited to announce that the final book in my Ultimate Guide to Soil series is now available for sale!

This one is long and in-depth but very heavy on the pictures so hopefully still easy to read. In addition to rundowns on more conventional garden amendments, I've summed up our experiences with bokashi, black soldier flies, humanure, biochar, and much more.

Here are the buy links in case you want to give it a try:

What early reviewers had to say:

"Thanks to her Ultimate Guide to Soil series, I am enjoying robust plant growth and harvesting gorgeous vegetables and herbs from my garden." --- M

"I know more about composting and soil amendments now than I did before reading this - and I've been composting for 30 years, so I thought I knew it all!" --- Colin B. McGee

Thank you in advance for any support, from buying a copy to telling a friend to leaving a review. You are why I write.

Posted Thu Jul 21 16:56:55 2016 Tags:
Goat in garden

HugelkulturI'm thrilled to announce that my newest paperback is now live on Amazon!

The Ultimate Guide to Soil isn't technically slated to be published for another week or so. But if you preordered, your copy should be in your hands soon.

My official author copies are still in transit (so signed thank-you books for contributors haven't gone out yet). But I splurged and bought a copy on Amazon to show off (with Punkin's help, of course).

Goat eating onions

The Ultimate Guide to Soil is a hefty book, full of all of the tidbits I've learned over the last decade about improving and maintaining Gardening mistakessoil in a no-till garden. There are sections on soil testing, no-till management, and remineralization, plus an encyclopedic overview of organic soil amendments including everything from manure and straw to bokashi bins, black soldier fly compost, and humanure.

Basically, if we've tried it, it's in this book. And you know I like to try everything.

Ultimate Guide to Soil

Back coverI geared the book toward both beginners and advanced gardeners alike, including highlights of my own garden's growing pains so you won't have to repeat those mistakes. I also included my successes of course, along with tips for turning problematic dirt into prime garden soil. Then I rounded it all out with the experiences of other gardeners and a hefty helping of library research.

Interested? The paperback is live on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and should be hitting bookstores and libraries soon. (If you don't see it locally, be sure to request that your favorite establishment get a copy in stock.)

If you prefer ebook format, please be aware that this is the same book I've been publishing in quarters over the course of 2016, so don't feel you have to buy it again. You can save a few bucks by buying the bundled version on Amazon, though, and you can also download a free ebook copy on Amazon when you order a copy of the print book. The bundle will be available on other platforms in a week or so as well once it's been reformatted for epub.

I hope you enjoy The Ultimate Guide to Soil and will consider telling your friends, sharing the link on social media, or perhaps writing a review. Thank you so much for your support --- you are why I write.

Posted Fri Jul 8 15:26:59 2016 Tags:

Lone Wolf DawnI've been amazed and gratified by the public reaction to Half Wolf, the first book in my Alpha Underground series. Over 6,000 sales and borrows in the first three months --- wow!

With so many people waiting on the sequel, I wrote as fast as I could and got Lone Wolf Dawn out this week. I've even marked it down to 99 cents for a short time as a thank-you to my loyal readers.

Still not sold? Here are a few highlights from the early reviews:

“Romance, passion, suspense, and intrigue all in one book” — happyreader10

“Fun, exciting, thoughtful, suspenseful” — L. Dalzell

“An awesome power packed modern story” — Diana P

“I have never read a book that makes me feel so much a part of their world.” — Celeste C. Crotts

“Rarely does a second book surpass the first, but this does.” — Amazon Customer

The book is also FREE to borrow with Kindle Unlimited. Thanks for reading, and be sure to drop by my main blog if you want more frequent updates along with reviews of books I've read and enjoyed. I'm glad to have you on my team!

Posted Thu Jun 23 14:15:06 2016 Tags:

Soil amendments for the Organic GardenThe third book in my soil series is now live and the fourth book is up for preorder! I hope you'll take a chance on a series that has been described as "Easy, useful, and homestead tested."

Without further ado, here are the links to book 3, Balancing Soil Nutrients and Acidity:

And here are the links to book 4, Soil Amendments for the Organic Garden:

Thanks so much for reading! And if you enjoy my ebooks, I hope you'll consider taking the time to write a brief review. Your social proof helps strangers decide to take a chance on a new author and gives me the leisure to share my experiences with you every day on my blog. I appreciate having you along for the ride!

Posted Wed May 11 17:43:05 2016 Tags:

The Ultimate Guide to SoilJust a bit of random book news today. First, Trailersteading is now available on all major retailers in ebook form (as well as on paper in bookstores, libraries, and more). Here are some links in case you've been waiting to find this crowd favorite somewhere other than on Amazon:

Second, look --- a pretty new cover for The Ultimate Guide to Soil! I also just got word from my publisher that this book is going to be translated into German, where it will be sold by Mobiwell Verlag. Fun, huh?

Posted Thu Mar 31 23:24:50 2016 Tags:

Half Wolf
My newest book, Half Wolf, is now live on Amazon and free to borrow via Kindle Unlimited!

This book is the first in a spinoff series, with a few of the same characters who readers loved from the Wolf Rampant trilogy but with an entirely new adventure. Round two is even more action-packed, romantic, and character-driven than round one. So why not give it a try?

Don't have Kindle Unlimited or three bucks to buy a copy? You can also try your hand at winning a copy via this Amazon Giveaway. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy the ride!

Posted Mon Mar 21 13:41:44 2016 Tags:

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