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Indie author Lakisha Spletzer

Indie author

Mark and I enjoyed getting to hear Lakisha Spletzer speak about her books and self-publishing experiences at the local library this week.  A southwest Virginia native, Lakisha moved to Florida in 2004 and soon joined a writing group that nurtured her interest in books.  By late 2009, she had self-published her first book via Createspace, and soon thereafter began publishing ebooks as well.

Jewels by Lakisha SpletzerFour and a half years later, Lakisha has published nine books, and her best-seller has sold 6,000 copies.  Although she spreads her books around to multiple sellers (using Smashwords to get into most of the e-catalogs), Lakisha admits that she sells more books via Amazon than through any other retailer.

Self-promotion is the name of the game for indie authors, and Lakisha is a pro at leveraging social media and in-person events to sell books.  She got so good at book promotion that she started her own company, Indie Hoopla, to help less savvy authors get their books out there through blog tours, giveaways, and other virtual outreach programs.  The site even offers some free services for authors, which I plan to try out.

If you ever get a chance to hear Lakisha speak, you should jump on the opportunity.  She's a vibrant presenter who held us all spell-bound with her stories, and I'm  looking forward to dipping into her books.  Thanks for such a fun evening, Lakisha!

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