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The My Writing Process blog tour

Swamp GhostsMany thanks to Marcia Meara for inviting me to join her in the My Writing Process Blog tour!  Marcia's second novel is free today, so be sure to download a copy of this romantic suspense set in the swamps of Florida, then head over to her blog for authorial musings and book reviews.

Okay, back to the point.  This tour's pretty simple --- each participant answers four questions about how we write, then invites three writers whose books we enjoy.  So, even if you're not interested in my musings about writing, do be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page to learn about three other indie authors who I recommend before you skip past this post.

What am I working on?  This question is a no-brainer --- the sequel to Shiftless!  I've been overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to my first werewolf novel, and many of you asked about the next installment.  I aim to please, so that sequel is already partially written.  I don't want to give too much away, but the werewolf introduced as "trouble" at the end of Shiftless does indeed throw Terra's world back into disarray.  Storm is a pack princess who embodies everything Terra ran away from.  Plus, she smells just like Terra's mate --- bad news.

How does my writing differ from others of its genre?  If you go on Amazon, you'll find two genres full of werewolf books --- Paranormal Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.  I like to think that Shiftless bridges the gap between the two, avoiding the bodice ripping common in the latter category while still keeping readers' interest with a sweet romance.  In addition, my werewolves aren't simply an excuse to introduce a lot of alpha-male dramatics (although some of that is in there); the books are also a study in how werewolves might merge the behavioral patterns of humans and canines.  In the end, though, I'm quite happy to follow many of the werewolf-novel conventions that make us all love the genre so much.

Why do I write what I do?  I write what I love to read.  The books I enjoy are carried by character development, so my books also put the character before everything else.  I enjoy novels that are well-written, but not so literary that the words detract from the story, and I like the sense of wonder you get when you enter a world not quite like your own.  There are never quite enough books available that really hit the spot, so I figured I'd better write my own.

How does my writing process work?  I'm still developing my own writing process, so what I say here is merely a snapshot of this moment in time.  With Shiftless, I used the tips in Save the Cat to outline the main plot points...and then I started writing and let the story go where it willed.  When nothing else pulls me away from the computer, I tend to write for anywhere from two to four hours a day, and about a third of that time involves editing what I wrote the day before.  Writing the first and second drafts at the same time lets the words flow unimpeded, but still allows me to flesh out areas where I wrote too fast and left out critical passages while my plans for that part of the novel are still fresh in my mind.  Later, I go through and do a third round of editing to make sure the book flows well and to hit more nitpicky issues, and this stage is also where I often call in the help of family and friends.  Finally, I send the completed fourth draft out to a copy-editor for professional attention, to make sure I crossed my t's and dotted my i's.  And then it's up on Amazon for the world to enjoy!

Who do I want to invite to join the tour?

Ella BlytheElla Blythe is a Canadian writer of erotica and New Adult series.  She also works for HUSH Stories, a customization and personalization service for erotica that allows readers to put her creative imagination to work on their fantasies.  When she's not writing under this nom de plume, Ella is usually frequenting film festivals, traveling abroad (when she's lucky!), and reading voraciously.  She maintains a household staff of tame zombies and buff mermen to free her from household chores.

Katie Roman was reared outside Chicago, where she began penning stories in fourth grade.  Writing grossly inaccurate historical fiction brought her immense amounts of joy and Katie Romanshe filled up countless notebooks and ignored a lot of homework for the sheer pleasure of writing.  Around the age of fourteen, Katie's focus shifted from history to fantasy thanks to Tolkien's Middle-Earth and Tamora Pierce's Tortall books.  Later, despite the many papers and research assignments thrust upon her in college, she kept up with her writing, eventually earning a Bachelor's Degree in History, with a minor in English.  These days, Katie Roman mostly writes young adult fantasy, but from time to time works on new adult paranormal fantasy as well.  In November 2013,  her first published novel, Fallen Grace, was released through Whiskey Creek Press.  The sequel, By Grace Lakisha SpletzerAlone, is due out in May 2014 also through Whiskey Creek Press.  In February 2014,  she self-published Mere Mortal, a paranormal new adult novel.

Lakisha Spletzer is an Indie Cross-Genre writer of science fiction/fantasy/paranormal romance/YA.  She started writing stories and poetry at the age of 8 and hasn't stopped yet.  She's always been a writer, but becoming a published one took a lot of work and dedication.  Her motto is to not let life's many road blocks and speed bumps throw her to the curb.  She can't wait to dive in and continue to share the stories swirling around in her head.  (As a side note, the first book in Lakisha's shifter series is perma-free, so why not check it out?)

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