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Weekend Homesteader cover

Weekend Homesteader coverMy editor just sent me an email to let me know that the design team has come up with a classy cover for Weekend Homesteader!  Since the cover is white, I've changed the background color on this post so you can see it better.

I promised myself that I wouldn't be an authorial diva as I embarked on the publishing process, so I'm holding my tongue about the fact that half the pictures aren't my own.  When I take a step back, I suspect the publishing house is right to add in pretty things like yellow boots (even if I wouldn't be caught dead in them) and tomatoes that are obviously storebought to my eye.  I'm also sad not to see photos of non-garden topics like preserving that are well represented in the book, but I figure there's only so much space and some things are easier to visualize than others.

Mark says he likes it, so I suspect the cover is good.  What do you think?

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I agree with your gut feeling, and even if Mark likes it, I would tell them that since your thesis is sustainability homesteading, with a "counter culture" theme, that you hope they understand the boots and tomato problem. Don't buckle! You have a right to negotiate! You are not advertising boots or tomatoes like that!! Your own boots, and your own tomatoes: supply your OWN shots of them...not generic ones!! Good luck!!--mom

Comment by adrianne Tue Mar 13 12:42:05 2012
I suspect the yellow boots are there to draw in the Martha Stewart gardening crowd to the book. I think the cover looks great! I can't wait to buy the book!
Comment by Sara Tue Mar 13 12:48:46 2012
Yea... thats a hard one. I really like all the "authentic" pictures, per se, in your blog. I feel like they have some sort of connection to you as the author. So to have have something that doesn't accurately portray your perspective is, ehh... I don't know, it just doesn't sit right. I as well understand the concept, trying to sell more books means trying to reach more people and the audience you will be reaching "the weekend homesteader" may not acquainted with the more "rugged" look, if you will, of homesteading, and still have envisioned this fairy tale picture of what they imagine it being. So I am torn. I like the idea of reaching more people to get involved with homesteading but if it was me I would struggle not having the pictures on the cover that I feel accurately represent the contents and the author. But never the less, I am really excited about the book coming out and have already set money aside so I can buy one when it is hot off the press. :)
Comment by Justus Tue Mar 13 13:05:52 2012

Mom --- I totally agree with you personally. On the other hand, professionally, I suspect they're right....

Sara --- I think you're spot on. After all, if I wanted to just preach to the choir, I wouldn't be publishing a print book, so I'd better reach out to as many people as I can with the cover.

Justus --- I know where you're coming from because that my was first knee-jerk reaction. But they didn't complain about all of my muddy, realistic pictures inside the book, so I'm going to figure the cover is an advertisement and not really part of my artistic piece. If yellow boots make people pick up the book, I get a chance to sway them over to being non-yellow-boot people. :-)

Comment by anna Tue Mar 13 14:31:26 2012
I have to agree 100% that this cover is too citified and tidy. I would never buy a book with this cover just on sight. The covers I really love have old, untidy gardens with lovely plants. Or imperfect hands holding tools. This cover does look like a Reader's Digest farming or Better Homes and Gardens compilation. That being said, I love your blog and so would buy the book because I know that what is inside will NOT be prissy, but real information.
Comment by Juli Thu Mar 15 15:02:51 2012
Juli --- I appreciate you being willing to take a chance on the book despite the cover! I know what you mean about preferring real covers, but I suspect you and I are in the minority. Most people seem to want to dream when they pick up a book.
Comment by anna Tue Mar 20 18:47:34 2012

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